Hawthorn Place

UBC Properties Trust
University of British Columbia

Centrally located within the UBC Campus, Hawthorn Place is a vibrant and thriving community. P+A prepared the Master Plan for the neighbourhood and was subsequently retained to design and implement the entire public realm including parks, the community centre, greenways, street corridors, and many of the residential sites.

Hawthorn Place contains four primary parks connected by a system of greenways that link to a campus-wide cycling and trail network. Hawthorn Park, surrounded by residential developments was the first neighborhood park to be created as part of UBC’s evolution from a commuter campus to a mixed-use community. The organically shaped park includes rainwater channels, seating nodes, a children’s playground, and gardens. Logan Lane Park is the “twin” of Hawthorn Park, reflecting the symmetrical plan form of the neighbourhood and featuring similar elements. The focus of James Taylor Park is the Community Centre, the social heart of the Hawthorn neighborhood, which includes a coffee shop and outdoor terrace. Main Mall, a pedestrianized corridor runs past this space welcoming those arriving from the academic campus or passing by on their way to work or class.

Photo Credit: Brett Ryan Studios